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There are disadvantages to nearly all other methods for library quantification. Typical alternative methods include Qubit® (spectrophotometry) or Bioanalyser®/Tapestation® (electrophoresis). Neither of these methods are for suited to high-throughput of samples, requiring laborious and error-prone manual liquid handling. Furthermore they both measure total nucleic acid concentration which is not an accurate measure of sequence-ready library. Our qPCR kit is highly specific in identifying sequence-ready library only. In addition both of these methods lack sensitivity compared to qPCR and are typically more expensive.
Inaccurate liquid handling is the most common reason for variability. We are happy to give guidance on good pipetting technique and good laboratory practice. Even simple things like ensuring that all standards are thoroughly vortexed to ensure they are correctly resuspended will help to ensure good data quality.
Upon receipt, store the kit at -20°C. When stored and handled correctly, the kit components will remain perfect for at least six months from the date of receipt. All components of the kit – are stable for more than 20 freeze/thaw cycles.
Using 4 points instead of (for example) 6 saves previous wells on every plate that you run. The primers in the kit are highly efficient ~100%. We have demonstrated (during our kit development process) that the kit works over a wide dynamic range. Therefore, it is fair to extrapolate the 4 point standard curve in both directions and still deliver highly accurate results for samples that may fall out side of the range of the standard curve.
SARS-CoV-2 is the official name of the novel corona virus which originated in 2019 in Wuhan, China. COVID19 is the name given to the disease, to which SARS-CoV-2 causes.
Simply, No. These kits detects viral RNA. Meaning the test can detect if the virus is currently present and at what level. It can not detect an immune response.
No, this will simply detect whether a sample has an infection or not, when collected.
A collection of DNA or cDNA fragments prepared for sequencing by a performing a series of enzymatic steps. These steps are commonly referred to as the Library Preparation.
- Single-End Read (SE), which provides sequence from only one end of the DNA insert - Paired-End Read (PE), which provides sequence from both ends of a DNA insert - Mate Pair Read (ME), Similar to paired-end but both reads come from a single strand of DNA
The number of times a nucleotide is sequenced. The deeper the read depth, the higher degrees of confidence in the base calls.
Yes you can. The MasterMix is designed to be robust and perform well with any good quality NGS panels.
Yes, YouSeq custom panels can be used on all illumina platforms.
Unlike our competitors YouSeq custom panels are developed by our expert scientists and are not algorithm driven. All our panels are optimised for guaranteed performance delivering high quality sequencing data. YouSeq custom panels also come with all the reagents you need to prepare your library, it’s a complete solution. 
Due to the targeting regions being amplified using PCR, YouSeq’s kits work with as little as 5 ng of purified genomic DNA.
PhiX is a ready-made DNA library. It’s useful as a positive control to check all is working well with your sequencing run. It also adds “complexity” which is useful. DNA sequencers don’t like to sequence multiple identical libraries at the same time so adding PhiX mixes things up a bit and helps your sequencer perform better.
The ability to insert the correct base during a PCR cycle. Therefore, having a high fidelity master mix would mean having a low error base incorporation rate and higher quality libraries
The number of bases sequenced by your sequencer as a continuous length.

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