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We’re determined to produce the World’s easiest to use, simplest NGS kits and tools.

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16S NGS Library Preparation Kit

A quick and easy NGS Library prep kit for 16S rRNA sequencing

YouSeq High-Fidelity 2X Master Mix

Power through long transcripts, with high GC content and ultra low error rates

NGS Library Quantification Kit

Simple to use kit for checking your NGS library quantity and quality before you sequence it

NGS Library Bead Clean-up Kit

Fast and easy removal or PCR artefacts and contaminants in NGS Libraries

YouSeq NGS Multiplex DNA Mastermix

A high performance MasterMix built especially for Amplicon based NGS Library prep

Custom Panel NGS Library Preparation Kit

Design your own panel from any human genes

Human gDNA quantification kit

Fast and accurate quantification of gDNA template by qPCR

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