Human gDNA quantification kit

Fast and accurate quantification of gDNA template by qPCR

It is good practice to use the same concentration of sample DNA when preparing NGS libraries for multiple samples. The YouSeq gDNA quantification allows quick, easy and highly accurate quantification of gDNA by qPCR. The technique is especially convenient in high throughput scenarios saving time on the bench side vs other techniques.

100 reactions $227.50

Cat no. YS-QT-HugDNA

100 reactions $227.50

Cat no. YS-QT-HugDNA

Available for direct shipping to United States.

- gDNA specific primer/probe
- YouSeq qPCR MasterMix
- Standards
- YouSeq dilution buffer
100 reaction kit
5-point standard curve from 0.1-100ng/uL
Excellent dynamic range
Suitable for all qPCR cyclers with FAM/SYBR green channel detection

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