YouSeq NGS Multiplex DNA Mastermix

A high performance MasterMix built especially for Amplicon based NGS Library prep

A proprietary 2 x MasterMix built especially for NGS multiplex Library preparation applications.

Our mix is based on our High-Fidelity enzyme that delivers amplification of DNA targets at a fidelity many hundreds X greater than a typical Taq MasterMix. The mix is pre-optimised and ready to use and delivers fantastic performance even in high multiplex and GC rich regions.

5ml $383.5

Cat no. YS-NGS-MM-10

5ml $383.5

Cat no. YS-NGS-MM-10

10ml $713.7

Cat no. YS-NGS-MM-10

100ml $5453.5

Cat no. YS-NGS-MM-10

🇺🇸 Available for direct shipping to United States.

10 x 1ml YouSeq NGS Multiplex DNA MasterMix
Amplicon based Library prep requires a highly processive enzyme to drive large multiplex reactions as well as high fidelity proofreading power to ensure no errors are introduced to your sequence during PCR steps
A proprietary 2x MasterMix
Highly processive enzyme,
High fidelity (proofreading)

Your Questions Answered

Yes you can. The MasterMix is designed to be robust and perform well with any good quality NGS panels.

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