Human endogenous control for qPCR reactions

This kit is designed to be used as a Human endogenous control for a qPCR reaction. The endogenous control is detected in the Yellow (VIC/HEX) or Blue (Cy5) channel of the qPCR instrument used alongside the target of interest. The kit is deliberately primer limited to avoid any risk on inhibiting detection of the target of interest.

100 rxns $130.00


100 rxns $130.00


100 rxns $0.00

Cat no. YSL-qP-ENDO-Cy5

For Research Use Only

Available for direct shipping to United States.

Endogenous Control primer/probe

Your Questions Answered

Our Endogenous control targets a human gene to confirm that a successful sample was taken. Our Internal extraction control is an exogenous target. It is spiked into the lysis buffer before extraction. This enables users to determine the success of the extraction step.

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