A complete kit for the detection of Orthropoxvirus

qPCR is the fastest and most precise method to identify and quantify pathogens. The YouSeq kit for Orthropoxvirus contains all components necessary for easy, accurate detection on any qPCR platform.


Cat no. YSL-qP-EC-OPXV-100

For Research Use Only

Available for direct shipping to United States.

Target Specific primer/probe
Endogenous control primer/probe
Lyophilised qPCR MasterMix
Positive control template
MasterMix resuspension buffer
DNase/RNase free water
Template resuspension buffer
ROX passive reference
Efficiency: 90-110%
Sensitivity: <100 copy detection
Run Time: Approx 1hr30 (dependent on instrumentation)
Target Pathogen: FAM labelled
Endogenous Control: VIC/HEX labelled

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