NGS Library Bead Clean-up Kit

Fast and easy removal of PCR artefacts and contaminants in NGS Libraries

A complete kit containing everything required for the quick and easy removal of small unwanted PCR products, primers, primer dimers etc. Highly magnetic beads create neat clumps that are easy to wash and elute from.

5 mL $193.70

Cat no. YS-NGS-BCK-5

5 mL $193.70

Cat no. YS-NGS-BCK-5

Available for direct shipping to United States.

Magnetic beads sufficient for 96 2-stage clean ups (192 clean ups),
Wash buffer (user to add ethanol),
Elution buffer

Other items to be supplied by the user:
Magnetic rack
Removing unwanted artifacts such as primer dimers or adapter dimers from an NGS library is essential. Removing these unwanted factors reduces the number of problem clusters that form on your Sequencer flow cell and thus improve the quality of your data

Your Questions Answered

A collection of DNA or cDNA fragments prepared for sequencing by a performing a series of enzymatic steps. These steps are commonly referred to as the Library Preparation.
The number of times a nucleotide is sequenced. The deeper the read depth, the higher degrees of confidence in the base calls.
Due to the targeting regions being amplified using PCR, YouSeq’s kits work with as little as 5 ng of purified genomic DNA.

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