A complete kit for the detection and differentitation of Influenza A, Influenza B and RSV

qPCR is the fastest and most precise method to identify and quantify pathogens. The YouSeq kit for FLU.A/B & RSV contains all components necessary for easy, accurate detection on any qPCR platform.


Cat no. YSL-qPX-EC-FluAB.RSV-100

For Research Use Only

Available for direct shipping to United States.

Target specific primer/probe mix, including endogenous control
Lyophilised qPCR OneStep MasterMix
Positive control template
MasterMix resuspension buffer
DNase/RNase free water
Template resuspension buffer
Efficiency: 90-110%
Sensitivity: <100 copy detection
Run Time: Approx 1hr30 (dependent on instrumentation)

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RNA Internal Control

DNA Internal Control

RNaseP Endogenous Control

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