Custom Panel NGS Library Preparation Kit

Design your own panel from any human genes

Bespoke, expert designed and fully wet lab tested amplicon based panels. Kits include all reagents for Library preparation and follow an incredibly simple process and easy to follow protocol.

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Price is dependent on spec of kit. No: of genes etc.

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Kit is supplied with template manifest/bed file. We currently recommend the use of Sophia Genetics or similar for downstream data analysis.
Panel specific primers,
NGS MasterMix,
Bead clean up kit

Other items to be supplied by the user:
PCR instrument,
Illumina NGS sequencer,
Sequencing reagents,
Magnetic rack
Targeted Next Generation Sequencing allows for deep reads of your genes of interest giving highly accurate targeted sequencing data.
Custom panels are designed by our experts and wet lab tested. Fully optimized panels are delivered with everything required for ideal library preparation.

In large panels primers are supplied in multiple pools. We always work to keep the number of pools to a minimum. 2 is the norm.

Your Questions Answered

The number of times a nucleotide is sequenced. The deeper the read depth, the higher degrees of confidence in the base calls.
Yes, YouSeq custom panels can be used on all illumina platforms.
Unlike our competitors YouSeq custom panels are developed by our expert scientists and are not algorithm driven. All our panels are optimised for guaranteed performance delivering high quality sequencing data. YouSeq custom panels also come with all the reagents you need to prepare your library, it’s a complete solution. 
Due to the targeting regions being amplified using PCR, YouSeq’s kits work with as little as 5 ng of purified genomic DNA.
PhiX is a ready-made DNA library. It’s useful as a positive control to check all is working well with your sequencing run. It also adds “complexity” which is useful. DNA sequencers don’t like to sequence multiple identical libraries at the same time so adding PhiX mixes things up a bit and helps your sequencer perform better.
The number of bases sequenced by your sequencer as a continuous length.

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