16S NGS Library Preparation Kit

A quick and easy NGS Library prep kit for 16S rRNA sequencing

16S rRNA sequencing is a groundbreaking method for identifying bacterial species using NGS. The YouSeq 16S kit is simple and easy to use and includes all reagents necessary to produce a high-quality, NGS-ready, library. The Library is then sequenced and an automatically generated report identifies the bacteria present in the microbiome of the sample.

8 rxns $209.30

Cat no. YS-16S-IL-8

8 rxns $209.30

Cat no. YS-16S-IL-8

48 rxns $1,084.20

Cat no. YS-16S-IL-48

96 rxns $1,927.90

Cat no. YS-16S-IL-96

Available for direct shipping to United States.

We currently recommend the use of Illumina BaseSpace 16S app for analysis.
Target specific primers,
NGS MasterMix,
Bead clean up kit

Other items to be supplied by the user:
PCR instrument,
Illumina NGS sequencer,
Sequencing reagents,
Magnetic rack
Metagenomics is the study of genetic material recovered directly from environmental samples. This can include clinical samples taken from wounds, swabs, blood, urine etc. While traditional microbiology, antibody-based methods or qPCR can only define if a particular species is present or not; Metagenomics by NGS has the power to produce a precise profile of microbial diversity in a given sample. This gives clinicians and researchers alike, unprecedented power to understand the complex nature of a bacterial infection.
16S Primers are designed to target the Bacterial V3 and V4 regions.

Bioinformatic analysis is recommended using Illumina BaseSpace 16S Module.

Sold for Research Use Only

Your Questions Answered

Yes, YouSeq custom panels can be used on all illumina platforms.
Due to the targeting regions being amplified using PCR, YouSeq’s kits work with as little as 5 ng of purified genomic DNA.
PhiX is a ready-made DNA library. It’s useful as a positive control to check all is working well with your sequencing run. It also adds “complexity” which is useful. DNA sequencers don’t like to sequence multiple identical libraries at the same time so adding PhiX mixes things up a bit and helps your sequencer perform better.

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